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Student Award Winner 2019

Veronika Pagacova, BA Fine Art, 2019, De Montfort University

Student Award 2019 Runners Up

Jarvis Brookfield, BA Fine Art (Year 2), De Montfort University
Jay Clarke, BA Fine Art, 2019, De Montfort University

Veronika Pagacova - Winner

BA Fine Art, 2019, De Montfort University

Print by Veronkia Pagacova

Veronika Pagacova, 'Untitled', carborundum print

 Jarvis Brookfield - Runner Up

BA Fine Art (Year 2), De Montfort University

Painting by Jarvis Brookfield

Jarvis Brookfield, 'In spirit of the Masquerade: Sister', acrylic on canvas

I’m fascinated by the mysteriousness and beauty of human history. It was in the process of making this painting that I started to imagine and search for what it might feel like to be in and witness a masquerade among our fellow hunters and gatherers.

I became curious and sought out to learn the history of masks, masquerades and ecstatic state. I discovered that the masquerade was not only a way of harmonising the tribe but among many other things was also a way of making sense out of the chaos that surrounded them and acted as a vehicle for transformation.

My approach to painting is experimental and involves a continuous effort of studying from books, short videos, documentaries and most importantly drawing from life and found imagery. 


In the painting are themes of interconnectedness and references to our physical nature - water being the main and most important aspect of our existence in the physical world. The luminous blue appearance refers to this and the seamless nature of life. The spears represent strength, will power, courage and fertility while grounding them to the steadfastness of the earth. They appear to be assertive, speaking to their necessity to kill in order to survive, but in this tribe, both men and women take part in the masquerade. Although they give the sense of being primarily warriors their acts may also be interpreted as a form of dance and celebration of their place in the cosmos.

Jay Clarke - Runner Up

BA Fine Art, 2019, De Montfort University

Sculpture by Jay Clarke

Jay Clarke, 'No Love, No Plans', gouache & acrylic on foam