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I studied Fine Art at Trent University in Nottingham where I specialised in painting and printing.    Although I mainly paint and have sustained my practice throughout my teaching career, I have found that being a member and having a studio at the Leicester Print Workshop have been important in helping me to re-establish my printing practice. I also work in wood, sculpt and I occasionally make automata.

Travelling has played an important role in my life and in my artwork. My most worked subjects are people and places that I have known or  which appeal to me on a spiritual or aesthetic level.   I also paint anonymous or well-known people whose lives are known to me only by conjecture and by virtue of our shared humanity. My interests include cultural nuances, special needs and historical events and minutiae, as well as broader global impact concepts in politics, gender, religion and relationships.I try to paint what it feels like to be part of an ephemeral, complex, beautiful and sometimes challenging and painful continuum.

I am collaborating with Dr. Paul Rudman on some of the paintings from the series  entitled  'Art and Light'. Paul is designing the programmable light circuits which augment this work.



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